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GPC connects energy suppliers, corporate buyers and energy producers for easy, direct green energy transactions

We make green energy procurement as easy as online shopping.
Dropping renewable energy prices made it a commercially competitive alternative to traditional energy sources. However, complicated energy procurement processes prevent most from buying sustainable energy. Only major power purchasers with energy spends in the millions afford to buy green energy directly from producers. 2/3 of the global energy is used by Commercial and Industrial (C&I) customers, yet they don’t have the right to choose where their energy comes from.
Easily facilitates green energy transactions of any size directly with producers.
We provide companies with the easiest way to understand their energy needs, discover the best renewable energy projects, and sign direct energy contracts. All with full source-transparency and never-seen-before flexibility.
GPC removes many of the limitations in traditional direct energy procurement process
Only large volumes - No point of entry for smaller buyers. Usually 1-3 large buyers. ↓ Small volumes - Platform enables buyers with relatively small loads to participate in direct energy procurement. Expensive & lengthy process High legal and financial transaction costs. Average PPA process costs can reach as much as $1M or more per contract and take 1-2 years to settle. ↓ Low transaction costs Standardised contracts and project curation significantly reduces transaction costs to buyers. No liquidity To re-sell or decrease the quantity of purchased energy, the whole agreement must be renegotiated - adding more time and cost. ↓ High liquidity Buyers can now “sell-down” their contract to 3rd parties via Platform’s secondary market. Single counterparty Single party to be relied on for a long contract duration - presenting potential single point of failure risk. ↓ Multiple counterparties Multiple smaller parties diversify counterparty risk and reduce its impact.
Revolutionary energy tokenization technology behind our platform
Building a solar farm with institutional investors is a tedious process and most profitable if there are only a few buyers. But fractioning the asset and placing the shares on a market will increase the liquidity of the asset. The asset is operated by a third party, who is the trustee, and the blockchain technology is the immutable ledger that makes the process transparent and secure. In fact, many small Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are concluded to finance a renewable energy asset with many different individuals. As a result, the chances and risks of an investment are distributed over many small parties, which enormously increases the stability of the project. Renewable energy assets can now be realized even without subsidies. This is an important foundation for the second phase of the energy transition, where the competitiveness of renewables enables fast growth rates due to large participation in attractive investments. Thus, accelerating the energy transition.

GPC Dedication
Rewarding our users equitably while we are…

Creating a digitally tradable crypto-token for solar trade & transactions

Enabling transparent transactions between producers and consumers via smart contracts

Allowing people to take full financial advantage of renewable resources like solar

Showing the world that cryptocurrency is commercially and legally rewarding

Enabling people to personally contribute towards improving the global situation

Lowering costs by reducing or outright eliminating the role of the middleman

Creating a business opportunity that takes full advantage of the blockchain

Creating a global power coin network (GPCN) that connects people worldwide

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Save the Planet by Using Renewable Energy

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Everything in GPC is structured intentionally with the purpose of sustainability and to build a strong community around innovative projects that bind clean energies, blockchain, & individual growth in unique ways within our ecosystem.

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